Joint Statement On Wisconsin Budget Proposal

Feb 8, 2017 | Press Release

Investments In Education Create A Starting Point

Governor Walker’s proposed biennial state budget was introduced today and contains significant allotment of new dollars into K12 education. The following is a joint statement from School Choice Wisconsin and The Wisconsin Federation for Children:

“We are pleased with Governor Walker’s major investment in education in his proposed budget and thank him for additional increases in the voucher amount for the Parental Choice Programs. Each year of the budget will see a $217 increase per student in the programs.

“We are disappointed that none of these funds will be used to help hundreds of families get their children off of waiting lists and into the school of their choice. Across Wisconsin, demand for the Parental Choice Programs and the Special Needs Scholarship continues to grow. Unfortunately, program caps and limitations constrain supply and restrict access to quality schools by parents and students.

“This year, school choice supporters in both Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin will be making bold moves in creating and expanding opportunities for parents. We look forward to harnessing the national momentum around education reform in our work with our legislative champions in Wisconsin throughout the budget process. Hopefully, the legislative process will produce solutions for parents on waiting lists across Wisconsin.”


The American Federation for Children is the nation’s leading school choice advocacy organization and works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families.


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Wisconsin Federation for Children
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Research once again shows school choice is working!

I support public schools and think we should be funding them. It’s easy for “ choice”schools to claim success when they don’t have to take the children who are more difficult to educate.
Because most of voucher users are already the rich and would already be headed to colleges. And handicapped and troubled kids are sent back to the public schools
they have booted out the "problem kids" and sent them back to the public schools who's funding has been cut because of the vouchers. When my kids were young you paid for the other schools out of your own pockets. there was no hand outs to pay for the "better" schools. And also paid taxes for schools too, and most getting the vouchers can afford to pay for the private schools. I stopped when I couldn't afford it any more and feel the kids got a better education out of going to public schools which offered more choices....

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