Building a Child’s Self Esteem in School Starts with Giving Parents a Choice

By Kim Martinez, AFC National Correspondent

Recently a Florida teacher’s video went viral showing how he begins class everyday with a simple yet effective ritual. The video shows how he brings up each and every one of his students to the front of his class to compliment them so they start their day feeling special and important. The teacher works at a private school that specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities. The students in this class are fortunate to have such a devoted teacher who knows how to reach them. All parents should have the choice to put their children in a school best reaches that child’s mind and heart.

St. Marcus School in Milwaukee has a similar approach when teaching its students. Each child that attends school at St. Marcus is cared for mind, body and soul. In fact, the school opens early in the morning and stays open late at night attending to any need the kids may have. Most of the children at St. Marcus are from low-income families and bad neighborhoods. These are families who could never afford tuition at a school like St. Marcus, but because of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, these children attend a school where each and every child feels important.

Watch the administration, teachers and staff spend as they show how they spend all day every day building their student’s self worth along with their minds.