Parents choose a school based on a variety of reasons. While one learning environment may not be as conducive to a child as the next, no one knows what is best for a child as their parents. The evidence for the success of school choice can be seen in the exponential growth of the program over the years.

Not one single parent is mandated to participate, yet each year, more and more families exercise their right to educational options.

While a parent may choose a school for something other than academics, the vast amount of data supports that
students in a choice school perform better. All publicly funded students must now take the
same tests. For three years in a row, choice students outperformed their peers on the ACT and Forward exam.

Additional comprehensive reviews of test results show similar patterns. A report examining 100 empirical studies of
private school choice programs, 18 of which used the “gold standard” found it clear that they have a positive impact on the academic performance of participating students while doing so at a lower cost than public schools, and while simultaneously benefiting public school students, decreasing segregation, and improving civic values and practices.